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Reel Mac: The Real Jack


Reel Mac/Econo Mac Spindles

No. 61 _61
No. 71 _71
No. 81 _81

Sumner spindles are designed to be used with Reel Mac reel jacks and Econo Macs. See the chart below to select the right spindle for you needs.

Insert spindle through center cavity of reel
Place reel jacks under each end of spindle. Align jacks' roller bearings with spindle grooves and raise one jack until reel end clears the floor.
Raise the opposite jack until spindle is level and reel moves freely.

Reel Mac/Econo Mac Spindles Specs

Spindle Cat. No. Part No. Diameter Length Capacity Use With Reel Mac Weight
61 780229 2-3/8" 62"

5,000 lb.

2,270 kg


37 lb

16.8 kg

71 780230 2-3/8" 76"

5,000 lb.

2,270 kg


47 lb.

 21.3 kg

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