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SERIES 2000 Material Lift (through serial # 3448)


Main Assemblies for the SERIES 2000 LIFTS
(through serial number 3448)

2010 Material Lift Assembly

2015 Material Lift Assembly

2020 Material Lift Assembly

2025 Material Lift Assembly

Sub-Assemblies for the SERIES 2000 LIFTS
(through serial number 3448)

783659 Base Assembly

Mast Assembly, Lower and Upper

783533 - Carriage Assembly

783678 / 783666 - Leg Assembly

783653 - Standard Fork Assembly

783590 - MX Winch Assembly

783679 - Outrigger Assembly

783667 - 10 Inch Wheel Kit - Optional

783582 - Spreader Plate Assembly

Brake Installation - Optional

783691 - Fork Extension Kit - Optional

Common Label Placement

Test Parts Group A

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