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FAT Jack™


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, FAT Jack™

*Parts Pricing: Prices quoted apply within the Continental US. Shipping charges will be added at time of purchase. Additional charges can be expected for International shipments.
*Parts Quantities: The numbers in the Quantity column below DO NOT represent how many items are included in a single order of a part, but rather they are to denote the total quantity of that part that is used on the current assembly. Unless otherwise stated in the description you should assume that only one of each part will be included per part number.
Item Part No. Description Price Qty. Shop
1 785266  BASE WELDMENT, FAT JACK MID $0.00  1 Out of Stock
1 785267  BASE WELDMENT, FAT JACK LO $0.00  1 Out of Stock
1 785265  BASE WELDMENT, FAT JACK MAX $201.45  1
2 785271  ID BARREL, FAT JACK MID $25.15  1
2 785270  ID BARREL, FAT JACK MAX $27.10  1
2 785272  ID BARREL, FAT JACK LO $16.75  1
3 779531  GRIP, HAND (YELLOW) FAJ $1.64  1
4 774210  CABLE, 1/16" 7 X 7 GALV AC (16" LG) $0.00  1 Out of Stock
5 774047  PIN, HD FAT JACK $13.95  1
6 774066  FERREL, DUPLEX ALUMINUM 1/16" $0.00  2 Out of Stock
7 779412  PIN DETENT 3/16 X 1-1/2 LG $0.00  1 Out of Stock

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