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Max Jax

*Shown with optional 8" casters, optional roller head kit, and optional hold down device

In the shop or on the job, moving long lengths of pipe is a snap with Max Jax!

Standard Features

  • Supports 4,500 lbs (2,045 kg) each
  • Large, convenient adjustment handle
  • Optional casters enable pipe to be easily wheeled around in the shop or on the job
  • Several optional large vee head styles
  • Jack independently load tested for quality assurance
  • CE rated
  • Backed by over forty years of jack stand manufacturing experience

About the Max Jax 

The versatile Max Jax is the ideal fabricator stand. The large 12" (30 cm) vee head and heavy duty five-legged design offers the welder a maximum margin of safety on pipe up to 36" (90 cm). With optional accessories, such as the heavy duty casters and Sumner Hold-Down Device, pipe weighing 4,500 lb (2,045 kg) per Max Jax can be wheeled with ease from storage rack... to welding bay... and onto the shipping dock. This means the load is lifted only once, resulting in a reduction of 50% or more in handling costs. The Max Jax is great for leveling loads for fit-up, or use with a pipe rotator.

Maximum 36" (90 cm) pipe
Minimum 4" (10 cm) pipe

Optional styles of roller wheels

Optional pipe hold down chain

Optional, large 8" casters

781403_MAXK_8_rgb Quick action brake

Stable and sturdy 5-leg

Fine adjustment with bearing

Large 12" (30 cm) vee

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