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Cable Stay Brake (#783881)

Each mast and carriage can have a factory installed, gravity actuated safety brake which holds loads in place in the event the cable should go slack.

Pipe Cradle (#783705)

Great for duct pipe or other HVAC applications. Slides over standard forks. Packaged in sets of two.


Boom Carriage (#783642)

Ideal for installing pipe or lifting “from the top” applications. Uses four attaching plunger pins and has a 40" (100 cm) reach. Hook has five locations with load capacities of 650 lbs (300 kg), 525 lbs (240 kg), 425 lbs (195 kg), 300 lbs (135 kg) and 200 lbs (90 kg).

Fork Extensions (#783691)

With the push of a button, forks may be extended from 28" to 42" (71–106 cm). With longer forks, the weight capacity decreases to 200 lb (90 kg) and is clearly shown on the forks when extended. A second button returns the extension for convenient storage inside the forks.

Foot Jack (#784070)

Optional Foot Jack allows user to easily fold the legs of the lift up or down without laying the lift on it's back.

Tray (#786320)

Great for HVAC applications and positioning transformers and junction boxes.
Steel tray slides onto forks.

Galvanized Finish (#776270)

Now available in optional galvanized finish!

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