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ULTRA™ Qwik Fit

ULTRA™ Fit Features

The Sumner* ULTRA™ Qwik Fit is a fast, accurate fit-up tool for pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting and other fit-up needs with a quick button release.

  • Push button design allows for rapid action setting and fine tune threaded adjustment
  • Accurate fit-up of 1" through 12" pipe
  • Rugged frame, built for jobsite use
  • Stainless steel contacts & alignment screws
  • Operating handle repositions for close work
  • Fine adjustment screws for quick fit-up
  • Lightweight for overhead work
  • Available in three sizes
008_med_1.jpg 009_med_1.jpg
Fit-up two 90° fittings Fit-up 90° fitting to tee

US & International Patents Pending

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