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  • Fit-up 1" to 8" flanges, fittings, reducers, caps and pup joints in amazing time
  • Capable of 300 lb pressure-rated flanges
  • Handles 600 lbs / 270 kg loads
  • Exceptionally accurate
  • Fit and tack 75 to 90 joints during an 8 hour shift
  • Available in stainless steel

Optional in house set up and training is available to insure that your team is comfortable operating and maintaining your PFAST. Each unit comes complete with all accessories to perform most fit up applications and a mounted electronic tablet that provides a step-by-step pictorial instruction on how each assembly is set up.

Built for years of use, the Sumner PFAST will quickly help fabricators be the production leader in their industry.


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785450_PFAST_4_rgb 785450_PFAST_5_rgb
785450_PFAST_6_rgb 785450_PFAST_7_rgb
785450_PFAST_8_rgb 785450_PFAST_9_rgb

Convenient E-Tablet Instructions

Optional in-house training is available for the PFAST by a Sumner Representative. In addition, each PFAST has an electronic tablet attached to the unit that provides a pictorial, step-by-step reference to complete 40 fit-ups.


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