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Internal Fit-Up Clamp

Two independently operated internal clamps align flange to pipe, even if internal dimensions differ

Internal Fit-Up Clamp Features

The Sumner* Internal Fit-Up Clamp is an internal pipe alignment tool that can be used on all standard weld neck and slip-on flanges.

  • Independent adjustment allows for alignment even if internal dimensions differ
  • One-piece construction the Internal Fit-Up
  • Internal Fit-Up Clamp is built for durability and reliability
  • Simple and quick one-man operation allows for one jaw to clamp the pipe inside diameter and the second jaw to clamp on the flange
  • Stainless Steel contact points
  • NOTE: The Internal Fit-Up Clamp is an alignment tool. A separate lifting device to support the flange weight is recommended.
  • Available in three sizes

How the Internal Fit-Up Clamp works:

001_med_1.jpg 1. Tighten jaws to clamp pipe I.D.

2. Mount flange on second set of pipe jaws, adjust for gap and tighten jaws for final fit-up.


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